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Battle Trance Green of Winter New Amsterdam Records 2022 Mixing
Field Guides Ginkgo Whatever’s Clever 2022 Mixing
Will Bernard (ft Ches Smith, Tim Berne, John Medeski and Chris Lightcap) Pond Life Dreck to Disk 2022 Mixing
Market The Consistent Brutal Bullshit Gong Western Vinyl 2022 Mastering
Bruce Molsky Everywhere You Go Tiki Parlour Records 2022 Tracking, Mixing
Corner House How Beautiful It’s Been 2022 Recording, Mixing
Anna Ash Sleeper Black Mesa Records 2022 Musician, Tracking, Mixing
Ourida Wings 2022 Co-producing, Musician, Tracking, Mixing
Tune-Yards sketchy. 4AD 2021 Mixing
Naytronix Other Possibilities Overseas Artists Recordings 2021 Mixing
Wullie One 2021 Tracking, Mixing
Will Graefe Marine Life 2021 Mixing
Susie Ibarra Talking Gong New Focus Recordings 2021 Tracking, Mixing
Susie Ibarra Walking On Water Innova Recordings 2021 Tracking, Mixing
Nels Cline Singers Share The Wealth Blue Note 2020 Co-producing, Tracking, Mixing
The Fiery Furnaces Down at the So and So on Somewhere (single) Third Man 2020 Tracking, Mixing
Maeve Gilchrist The Harpweaver 2020 Tracking, Mixing
Miles Francis and Jas Walton Basement Tape Figure & Ground 2020 Mastering
Craig Taborn/Junk Magic Compass Confusion Pyroclastic Records 2020 Tracking
Marc Ribot’s Ceramic Dog What I Did On My Long “Vacation” Northern Spy 2020 Mastering
Katie Von Schleicher Consummation Ba Da Bing Records 2020 Mixing
Bill Frisell “Truth or Consequences” score (independent documentary feature) 2020 Tracking
Will Bernard Freelance Subversives Ropeadope Records 2020 Tracking, Mixing
A Shadow of Jaguar Different Brain 2020 Mixing
Laurie Anderson/Tenzin Choegyal/Jesse Paris Smith Songs From the Bardo Smithsonian Folkways 2019 Tracking, Mixing*
Avram Fefer Quartet (ft Marc Ribot, Eric Revis, Chad Taylor) Testament Clean Feed 2019 Tracking, Mixing
CUP (Yuka Honda & Nels Cline) Spinning Creature Northern Spy 2019 Tracking, Mixing
Dina Maccabee The Sharpening Machine Geomancy Records 2019 Drum Machine, Mixing
Amendola vs. Blades Everybody Wins Royal Potato Family 2019 Mixing
Sam Ospovat Ride Angles 2019 Skirl Records Tracking, Mixing
Stolen Jars A Reminder 2019 Co-producing, Tracking, Mixing
Ben Goldberg (ft Nels Cline and Ron Miles) Good Day for Cloud Fishing Pyroclastic Records 2019 Tracking, Mixing
Jake Leckie The Abode 2019 Tracking
Exoterm (ft Nels Cline and Jim Black) Exits Into a Corridor Hubro 2019 Tracking
Scott Pinkmountain Goodbye 2019 Mixing, Mastering
Susie Ibarra Experimental Percussion Sample Pack Splice Originals 2018 Tracking
Lawrence Living Room Same Wavelength 2018 Co-producing, Tracking, Mixing
Mirah Understanding Absolute Magnitude 2018 Co-producing, Musician, Tracking, Mixing
Rubblebucket Sun Machine Grand Jury Music 2018 Tracking
Wilder Maker Zion Northern Spy 2018 Mixing
Bobby Previte Rhapsody RareNoiseRecords 2018 Tracking
Son Lux Brighter Wounds City Slang 2018 Engineering
Xylouris White Mother Bella Union 2018 Mixing
Subtle Degrees A Dance That Empties New Amsterdam and NNA Tapes 2018 Mixing
Dolphin Pal Slight Exhale 2018 Mixing
Katie Von Schleicher Shitty Hits Ba Da Bing Records 2017 Mixing
Carta The Sand Collector’s Dream Saint Marie Records 2017 Mixing
Ex Eye Ex Eye Relapse 2017 Mixing
Mirah Sundial Absolute Magnitude 2017 Overdubs, Mixing
Colin Stetson All This I Do For Glory 52Hz 2017 Mixing
Greg Fox The Gradual Progression RVNG Intl. 2017 Tracking, Mixing
Sofía Rei El Gavilan 2017 Tracking, Mixing
Yasmine Hamdan Al Jamilat Crammed Discs 2017 Mixing
Cassandra Jenkins Play Till You Win 2017 Mixing
Hite Light of a Strange Day Six Degrees 2017 Mixing
Stolen Jars Glint 2017 Mixing
Hi-Lo Jack Old New Clothes 2017 Mixing
Imelda May Life. Love. Flesh. Blood Decca Records 2017 Overdubs (with Marc Ribot)
Saint Pé Fixed Focus Ernest Jenning 2017 Mixing
Les Yper Sound Explorations in Drums and Sax Figure & Ground Records 2016 Tracking, Mixing
The Julie Ruin Hit Reset Hardly Art Records 2016 Co-producing, Tracking, Mixing
Blissing Room Comfort Life Eternal 2016 Producing, Tracking, Mixing
Xylouris White Black Peak Bella Union 2016 Mixing
Ages and Ages Something to Ruin Partisan Records 2016 Mixing
Colin Stetson Sorrow 52Hz 2016 Tracking, Mixing
Scott Pinkmountain No Country 2016 Tracking, Mixing, Mastering
Amendola vs. Blades Greatest Hits 2016 Mixing
Phia The Ocean of Everything 2016 Mixing
Michael Musika and Eric Kuhn You Can If You Want To 2016 Mixing
Unnatural Ways We Aliens Tzadik 2016 Mixing
The Out Louds The Out Louds Relative Pitch 2016 Mixing
Invisible Guy Knuckle Sandwich BAG Production Records 2016 Tracking
Schimscheimer Family Trio Broken Home BAG Production Records 2016 Tracking, Mixing
Palm Trading Basics Exploding In Sound 2015 Tracking, Mixing
Marc Ribot “Class Divide” Score HBO Films 2015 Tracking, Mixing
Ava Mendoza Unnatural Ways New Atlantis Records 2015 Mixing
Son Lux Redone (Single) Glassnote 2015 Tracking Drums
Scott Amendola Fade To Orange Sazi Records 2015 Tracking, Mixing
Geographer Ghost Modern Roll Call Records 2015 Producing, Musician, Tracking, Mixing
Stolen Jars Kept 2015 Mixing
Zun Zun Egui Shackles’ Gift Bella Union 2015 Mixing
Ben Goldberg Orphic Machine The Royal Potato Family 2015 Assistant Engineering (to Ron St. Germain)
tUnE-yArDs Nikki Nack 4AD 2014 Tracking, Mixing
Mirah Changing Light Absolute Magnitude/K Records 2014 Producing, Musician, Arrangements, Tracking
Meklit We Are Alive Six Degrees 2014 Producing, Musician, Arrangements, Tracking, Mixing
The Sugar Clouds Partners Don’t Do That Wax Splat Records 2014 Producing, Tracking, Mixing
Michael Coleman Young Nudist 2013 Mixing
The Julie Ruin Run Fast Dischord/TJR 2013 Mixing
Mwahaha Mwahaha Plug Research 2013 Producing, Tracking, Mixing
Kristin Slipp and Dov Manski A Thousand Julys Sunnyside Records 2013 Mixing, Mastering
Mappy Jungle Fish 2013 Tracking, Mixing
Cavity Fang Urban Problems Table & Chairs 2013 Tracking, Mixing
Cory Wright Outfit Apples + Oranges Singlespeed Music 2013 Tracking
Aaron Novik Frowny Frown Vol. 1 2013 Mixing
Steel Cranes Ouroboros 2013 Tracking, Mixing
Dear Reader Rivonia City Slang 2013 Mixing
Nathan Clevenger Group Observatory 2013 Tracking
Aaron Novik Our Band Could be as Serious as Your Life 2013 Tracking, Mixing
tUnE-yArDs with Questlove, Angelique Kidjo, et al Lady (single) Knitting Factory Records 2012 Tracking, Mixing
Social Studies Developer Antenna Farm 2012 Producer, Tracking, Mixing
Michael Zapruder Pink Thunder The Kora Records 2012 Tracking, Mixing
Naytronix Dirty Glow Plug Research 2012 Mixing
Tin Hat the rain is a handsome animal New Amsterdam Records 2012 Tracking
Neung Phak 2 Abduction Records 2012 Tracking
Big Tree Little EP 2012 Producing, Tracking, Mixing
Sean Hayes Before We Turn To Dust Rare Artists 2012 Tracking, Mixing, Arrangements
Geographer Myth Modern Art Records 2012 Producing, Tracking
Kapowski Boy Genius 2012 Tracking, Mixing
Aaron Novik Secret of Secrets Tzadik 2012 Tracking Strings
ROVA Saxophone Quartet A Short History Jazzwerkstadt 2012 Tracking
Kurt Kotheimer ROMCOM 2012 Mixing
Jon Raskin and Carla Harryman Open Box Tzadik 2012 Tracking, Mixing
Arts & Sciences New You Singlespeed Music 2012 Tracking, Mixing
Dinosaur Feathers Whistle Tips Ernest Jenning 2012 Producing, Tracking, Mixing
tUnE-yArDs w h o k i l l 4AD 2011 Tracking, Mixing, Musician
Thao & Mirah Thao & Mirah Kill Rock Stars 2011 Tracking, Musician
Deerhoof Deerhoof vs. Evil Polyvinyl Record Co. 2011 Tracking
Beep! City of the Future Third Culture Records 2011 Producing, Tracking, Mixing, Mastering
Rob Reich Circus Bella All Star Band 2011 Tracking
Sonny & the Sunsets Hit After Hit Fat Possum 2011 Tracking
Serengeti Family and Friends Anticon 2011 Mixing
Aaron Novik Floating World, Vol. 1 Porto Franco Records 2011 Tracking, Mixing
Exray’s Exray’s Howells Transmitter 2011 Vocal Tracking, Mastering
Miles Kurosky Desert of Shallow Effects Majordomo Records 2010 Producing, Musician, Tracking, Mixing, Arrangements
Man/Miracle The Shape of Things Third Culture Records 2010 Producing, Tracking, Mixing
Exray’s Ammunition Teeth (Cassette) Howells Transmitter 2010 Tracking Vocals, Mastering
Half-handed Cloud As Stowaways in Cabinets of Surf, We Live-out in Our Members a Kind of Rebirth Asthmatic Kitty 2010 Mastering
Geographer Animal Shapes EP Tricycle Records 2010 Mixing
Scott Amendola Trio (with Jeff Parker of Tortoise) Lift Sazi Records 2010 Tracking, Mixing
Sarah Wilson (with Myra Melford and Jerome Harris) Trapeze Project Brass Tonic 2010 Tracking, Mixing
Kihnoua (with Fred Frith and Joan Jeanrenaud) Unauthorized Caprices NotTwo Records 2010 Tracking, Mixing
Carta An Index Of Birds Silber Records 2010 Tracking, Mixing
Mark Growden Saint Judas Porto Franco Records 2010 Assistant Engineering (to Oz Fritz)
WHY? Eskimo Snow anticon. 2009 Mixing
Deerhoof Offend Maggie Kill Rock Stars 2009 Tracking Vocals/Overdubs
Ben Goldberg Speech Communication Tzadik 2009 Co-producing, Tracking, Mixing
Sholi Sholi Touch and Go/Quarterstick 2009 Tracking
Beep You Are Special, You Are a Special Friend 2009 Tracking, Mixing
Scott Pinkmountain & The Golden Bolts Of Tone The Full Sun Howells Transmitter 2009 Tracking, Mixing
Pink Mountain Pink Mountain Sick Room Records 2009 Tracking, Mixing
The R&B Free-Jazz Gospel Supreme 80 I Am A Gorgeous Wife Utility-Pole 689 2009 Tracking, Mixing
The Invisible Cities Houses Shine Like Teeth Noisyfrog 2009 Tracking, Mixing
Raised By Robots Disorganization Will Save Us All (EP) 2009 Tracking, Mixing
Butterfly Bones Pretty Feelings (EP) Special Sauce 2009 Tracking, Mixing
WHY? Alopecia anticon. 2008 Mixing
WHY? Almost Live From Eli’s Live Room 2008 Tracking, Mixing
Anathallo Canopy Glow anticon. 2008 Mixing
Restiform Bodies TV Loves You Back anticon. 2008 Mixing
The Bye Bye Blackbirds Houses and Homes American Dust 2008 Tracking, Mixing
AIDS Wolf Cities Of Glass Skin Graft 2008 Tracking
Love Is Chemicals Songs Of The Summer Youth Brigade Three Ring Records 2008 Tracking
Aaron Novik The Samuel Suite/ Dancing Into One Evander Music 2008 Tracking, Mixing
The Ian Fays Dylan’s Lost Days Homesleep 2008 Tracking, Mixing, Mastering
Apache Boomtown Gems Birdman 2008 Mixing
We Is Shore Dedicated Rainbo Donuts Huevo Imaginary 2008 Tracking, Mixing
Deerhoof Friend Opportunity Kill Rock Stars 2007 Overdubs
Subtle Yell&Ice Lex/EMI 2007 Mixing
xbxrx Wars Polyvinyl 2007 Tracking
Leyna Noel From the Mouth of the Jar 2007 Tracking, Mixing
xbxrx Sounds Important Records 2007 Tracking
Carta The Glass Bottom Boat Resonant 2007 Tracking, Mixing
Erase Errata Night Life Kill Rock Stars 2006 Tracking, Mixing
Dynasty Handbag Foo Foo Yik Yik Love Pump United 2006 Producing, Musician, Tracking, Mixing, Mastering
Ches Smith Congs For Brums Free Porcupine Society 2006 Tracking
Tango No. 9 Radio Valencia Spillhouse 2006 Tracking, Mixing
The Flying Luttenbachers Cataclysm ugEXPLODE 2006 Tracking
Aaron Novik’s Kipple Flashes of Irrational Happiness Evander Music 2006 Mixing
Deerhoof Green Cosmos Menlo Park 2005 Tracking
xbxrx Sixth In Sixes Polyvinyl 2005 Tracking
Gorge Trio Open Mouth, O Wisp Skin Graft Records 2004 Mixing
Beulah Yoko Velocette 2003 Musician, Overdubs, Assistant Engineering (to Roger Moutenout)
Old Time Relijun Varieties of Religious Experience K Records 2003 Mixing
Maria Muldaur Beautiful Borealis 2003 Tracking, Mixing
Suzy Thompson American Lullaby Ellipsis Arts 2003 Tracking, Mixing
Garth Steel Klippert Suisol Broke Records 2002 Producing, Musician, Tracking, Mixing
Total Shutdown Reflections Thin The Herd 2002 Tracking, Mixing, Mastering